Change often begins with the first good question

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Clear goals

How to create an inspiring vision and make it a reality?

Suitable working environment and culture

How to establish a constructive dialogue and a supportive organizational culture?

Effective workflow

How to make the processes and the organization function in the best possible way?

Dedicated and knowledgeable people

How to find the potential in the managers and the team and realize it?

What do customers think about us?

“Our cooperation has brought new ways to the school. Change management has more substance and meaning. Together we have managed to implement the best business practices into a better school management. There has been no “It’s impossible” for an answer, together we have found a way to achieve our goals.”

Urmo Uiboleht Chairman of the Board of Tartu Private School

“Our cooperation was very successful. One of the biggest projects was the renewal and implementation of the values of the Eesti Energia Group. Three years have already passed since the beginning of the project, and we can now say with certainty that the project was a great success. Values are alive within the group, and employees share and adhere to them.”

Olga Zaitseva Head of Staff Development of Eesti Energia Group

“The consultants showed themselves as achievers in their field who regarded the development of teams and managers with dedication and professionalism. I would gladly work with them again, and I can definitely recommend them!”

Ave Viks Adviser to the Ministry of Finance

Strategic Partnership

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