We are the chosen partner of EAS in offering a mentoring service within the framework of the Business Development program

The mentoring service project is carried out by EAS in collaboration with Change Partners and FCG Invicta. In 2016, we will mentor up to 40 different manufacturing and ICT companies with strong growth ambitions.

The project was initiated to support business leaders in creating comprehensive development and implementation plans. Today, the operating horizon is too short for many companies, there is not enough time to design future success or develop comprehensive development plans. The managers are often alone with the development challenges of their company. The mentoring service helps to solve this bottleneck, where the best outcome is not achieved through teaching but learning through helping.

Participants will receive:

  • Enhanced clarity of the company’s development goals and resources, necessary focus and  the alternatives;
  • Development platform and new ideas for business growth, product innovation, increasing export capabilities;
  • Flexible support from an experienced mentor-coach – asking the right questions, feedback and sharing of practical experiences in developing a comprehensive development plan;
  • Increased probability of completing and implementing the development plan – conscious activities and managerial involvement to ensure a higher success rate in implementing the development plan.

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