Tallinn City Office Financial Service, Consulting Project to Develop a Service-Oriented Organization

Client Need

The objective of the Service is to ensure an efficient and sustainable financial management of the city and compliance of the economic activity of the city with legislation, and to provide high-quality financial services to the institutions in the city and to the companies, foundations and non-profit organizations under the influence governing the city. The goal was to develop a strategy for the Financial Service and establish the grounds for turning the Financial Service into a service-oriented organization.

Our Solution

  • We helped to create a model to describe and analyze the main processes within the Service.
  • We described the principles of a service-oriented organization and developed new values for the organization in cooperation with the management.
  • We helped to communicate the new values and principles to the employees in order to achieve the necessary understanding and support.


  • Strategy and values of a new service-oriented organization, which was successfully communicated to all employees;
  • Growth of the management capacity of the organization and synergy of the executive team.
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