Values development and implementation

Assessing organizational culture

We carry out qualitative studies to evaluate organizational culture and prevalent subcultures. The methods we use are mostly interviews, focused group interviews and collection of narratives. We help the customer to visualize the future of culture that better supports the mission of the organization and the implementation of objectives. We analyze the results based on the desired organization culture and help the customer to plan development activities in order to achieve the desired culture.

Ask yourself:

  • If you were asked to describe the dominant culture in your organization, would you be able to do it in three minutes?
  • Why do different units of the organization sometimes seem to speak in different languages and don’t understand each other?
  • Which culture would help your organization to achieve its vision?

Formulating values

Development of values usually starts with describing the existing and expected culture formulating describing the core values of the organization that the expected culture should rely on. We help to involve employees at different levels, sometimes the entire organization into formulating the values. This is done by way of focus interviews, working group discussions and forums.

Values are described through observable behaviors, so that each person can relate to them and feel that he is a part of an organization who creates culture.

Ask yourself:

  • What are your core values that you are not willing to give up?
  • What values are held by your organization and its managers?
  • Are the values of the organization stated in a way that allows you to assess whether or not they align with your personal values?
  • Do the current values of the organization support the mission and vision of the organization?
  • What should change in our organizational culture?

Communication of values

It is important to highlight the potential conflicts of values in the organization and to discuss situations in which there aren’t clear simple solutions. We offer well-established tools for this purpose – the value game and value map that can be used to involve all the employees of the organization. Formats are playful and engaging, while the content touches the pain points of the organization and looks for value-based solutions.

Ask yourself:

  • Do all your employees know the values of the organization?
  • If you were asked to explain the values of your organization in three minutes, could you do it?
  • How are the organizational values evident in everyday life? How can they help you to do your job?
  • How many of your employees feel connected to the values of the organization and comply with them consciously and with dedication?

Implementation of values

We help our customers to develop a plan of action in order to implement values and support the managers through training and coaching. One part of the implementation of values is also assessment – what has the organization achieved in implementing values and what is the obstacle in case of problems. Keeping values alive requires constant attention and support from the organization at each management level.

Ask yourself:

  • Are the values of your organization alive or they “gathering dust on the shelf”?
  • How is the value-based behavior assessed in the organization?
  • Do the managers base their decisions on values or they tend to forget them?
  • How do organizational systems and processes support value-based behavior?