Strategy planning

Practice shows that only a third of all strategies meet their goals. An idea on paper or on a computer screen is not enough – the key to success is the implementation, which requires involvement of key people at an early stage and a meaningful dialogue throughout the organization and well-coordinated response. Success factors are primarily in-house, rather than external, such as the market situation.

For over 40 years, successful organizations have been systematically studied, and there is a lot to learn about what they do different from those less successful. We help our customers to be successful through the following activities.

Creating strategies and development plans


We help you plan a process of strategy and, if necessary, manage and launch a successful dialogue at an early stage of developing strategy.

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Strategy seminars and dialogue forums


We offer a variety of ways to engage people, because only the organizations whose people are involved in the implementation of strategy achieve good long-term results.

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Implementation guidance

We help to go forward with a stalled project, to find a new idea or a method that functions and will lead to a solution in order to continue.

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Coaching for the manager and management team


Through coaching we urge managers to occasionally stop and look at the situation from a different angle.

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