It is important to choose the right tools to relate abstract themes (such as competences, strategy, values, etc.) to the daily behaviors and activities. Our dialogue methods help in the best way to involve various levels of organization into a debate on how to carry out innovations and link values, codes of conduct, standards, strategies, etc. with the daily work of employees. These formats have successfully worked several times in organizations in Scandinavia and the Baltics, in large, small, public and private sector institutions alike.

We are also using a wide range of internationally well-known measuring tools in our training and consulting projects. Organization studies and psychological testing of certain characteristics in both teams and individuals make development and counseling more meaningful and more personal.

Change management tools


Save time and improve project performance by implementing common tools for managing changes.

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Value Game


Value Game is a playful format that helps to develop and introduce organizational culture.

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Dialogue Map

Excellent tool for effective involvement of many people in a very short amount of time.

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DiSC assessment and development tools


DiSC® is a model that explains human behavior and describes different behavioral preferences and behavioral style arising therefrom.

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Management Action Profile™, 360-degree survey


Management Action Profile™ measures the efficiency of managing by the managers and the success of teams in key areas using the 360-degree method.

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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™


Team assessment tool that helps to find out where a particular team stands according to the key indicators of the Lencion model.

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LEAN game


LEAN game will help you focus on how to create value for the customer.

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Sales Competence Analysis


A unique 180-degree evaluation tool designed for the development of the sales staff.

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