Development of managers


Leadership is the most important factor that affects the success of the organization in cultivating performance. An increasingly complex economic environment and the need to make faster decisions puts growing demands on managers at all levels – in improving efficiency, innovation, realizing a turnover and improving profitability. These are the main reasons why to consciously develop managers.

Our development programs for managers have excellent feedback from participants thanks to the practical approach in which participants are aware of not just WHAT to do, but also HOW to actually use what they have learned in practice. We use analysis of management situations, role play, simulations, testing of tools available to the manager and coaching to help achieve this. We encourage participants themselves to actively get involved in the training process, relate it to the topical issues they may have, and thereby get actual solutions for their work.

Some questions to consider:

  • Do you have the right managers in ALL key positions?
  • How effective is the cooperation between managers at all levels?
  • Are your managers implementing changes effectively?
  • Are your managers focused on the development of a results-oriented culture?
  • Are your managers creating an inspiring environment where your people can thrive?
  • Are your managers sufficiently committed to understanding and meeting customer expectations?


There are no management problems that cannot be resolved by way of enough questions asked the right way. Experienced coaching is of great help when the goal is to move ahead with your important choices and activities, to achieve greater clarity and effectiveness. Coaching sessions will help to map the development objective(s) of a specific field, the existing situation, possibilities for further development, and to formulate a specific plan of action.

Our coaches have undergone extensive training in the renowned ICF (International Coaching Federation) program under a Danish Master coach.

Coaching is a wise investment – ROI studies conducted among managers who have participated in coaching have shown that coaching has an average return on interest of 5–7 times!

Ask youself:

  • What do the employees do when they face unique problems?
  • How much time do you spend on revealing the potential of your employees and expanding it?
  • What would you be able to achieve if you made use of the potential of all your employees?
  • How can you constantly enhance the competence of employees and increase their engagement?

360-degree feedback from managers and employees

360-degree feedback surveys are usually prepared on the basis of competency models. In addition to evaluation surveys prepared for organization-oriented models, we also offer products of our international partner Personal Global: Management Action Profile (MAP)  and Sales Competency Assessment Profile.

Ask youself:

  • How are things with the self-perception of our managers and specialists? Do they sometimes overestimate or underestimate themselves?
  • Whether and how do we ask for feedback in our organization?
  • How do we know in which areas do our managers and specialists need development?