Team development and cooperation training

We know of several situations in which successful teams operate similarly, for example, make better and quicker decisions, implement the knowledge and skills of all team members, refrain from wasting time and energy on minor things, establish clarity and avoid unconstructive conflicts, etc. How do you create such a team, and how do you maximize the potential of your team? We have contributed to this objective with different development activities, relying on  globally accepted development methodologies such as DiSC and the Lencioni 5 Behaviours of a Dysfunctional Team.

As organizations have very different needs and the range of topics addressed upon team development is wide, here are just some of the examples::

  • Management team development seminars for cooperation and cooperation audits
  • Cooperation training courses and seminars for the teams
  • Field training for teams
  • Development programs for cooperation culture
  • Seminars for improving the cooperation between different units
  • Team management trainings
  • Team group coaching sessions
  • Dialogue forums for solving cooperation dilemmas.

Ask yourself:

  • Does our team operate effectively together and achieve its goals?
  • Does our team make use of the strengths of all its members and is communication effective?
  • Does our team take joint responsibility for the result and consider the team goal more important than an individual one?
  • As a whole, how effective are team discussions and cooperation?
  • Are the best practices shared in our organization, and is the whole organization involved in finding solution?

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