Implementation guidance

Necessary changes are often not carried out at the right time and implementation turns out to be more complicated than planned. Involving a consultant at the stage of implementing a change may be wise in order to:

  • think through the order of necessary activities and properly prepare those who are to carry them out
  • find the most appropriate methods for creating the necessary energy and involvement at different levels of the organization
  • cope with various obstacles and risks, to look through the eyes of the bystander, so to speak
  • look for “out of box” solutions and see the bigger picture of the change process


Ask yourself:

  • What needs to change in the behavior of managers/employee in order to implement the desired change?
  • What kind of organizational culture supports your new desired reality?
  • Do we know how to manage various risks associated with the change and take advantage of all the available advantages?
  • How do we measure the success of the change project?  How do we know that have we taken the right steps and will achieve the desired result?



Looking for answers to these questions, or you have question of your own?