The Results You Want, The Change You Need

Change is unstoppable. But you can increase your control over it by adopting right mindset and systematic approach. Like with sailing – you cannot go against the power of sea and wind, but you can learn how to best align your course with it.

The quantity and complexity of changes is increasing for most organisations today. What is your formula for success? How can you increase your leaders’ readiness for dealing with change and equip your teams to embrace change?

We aim to empower you and build your organisation change competence to help you achieve desired results with change.

What we bring to our customers

Long-term experience and extensively tested methods – we have worked with leading organizations both in private and public sectors and gained practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in implementing successful change.

Global best practice – we are Baltic partner to world-renowned change management company Prosci®, who has been involved in the research and development of change management methods for over 20 years and works with leading companies worldwide.

Our Team

Mati Sööt

Mati SöötPartner I Consultant - Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner

Mati has extensive training and experience in the development of the organization and management.

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Ekke Sööt

Ekke SöötPartner I Consultant - Prosci® Certified Advanced Instructor

Ekke supports organisations in increasing their change capacity. He consults and trains change leaders and project teams during implementation of many kinds of organizational changes.

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Peeter Puskai

Peeter PuskaiConsultant - Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner

Peeter advises clients on developing and implementing operational and strategic action plans, identifying organizational needs for change, and achieving set goals.

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Natali Happonen

Natali HapponenConsultant I Project manager

Natali educates and manages development programs in Estonian and Russian language of integration, networking and team-building.

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Uku Sööt

Uku SöötBusiness development

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Heli Allika

Heli AllikaAssistant / Project manager

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HenriChief Happiness Officer

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Veronika Kasak

Veronika KasakAssistant / Project manager

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Maris Sööt

Maris SöötDevelopment specialist

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Teppo Kolehmainen

Teppo KolehmainenPartner in Finland I Prosci® Certified Advanced Instructor

Teppo has an extensive experience in business consulting, line management, business development and entrepreneurship. His consulting experience contains different industries. Prosci trained change management practitioner, consultant and trainer.

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Lukas Mackevičius

Lukas MackevičiusPartner in Lithuania I Prosci® Certified Advanced Instructor

Lukas has more than 10 years of successful experience in helping various size organizations to grow their businesses.

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Lina Mieliauskienė

Lina MieliauskienėPartner in Lithuania I Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner

Lina has over 10 years of experiences as a consultant, working with both local and international large and medium-sized companies.

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Dmitri Volov

Dmitri VolovCooperation partner

Dmitri is our valued partner since 2002 in areas of leadership, cooperation, strategy and financial management.

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Toomas Tamsar

Toomas TamsarPartner Consultant I Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner

As the founder and leader of Pärnu Leadership Conferences, Toomas has inspired several generations of leaders in Estonia. In cooperation with us, Toomas is advising leaders on the process of making various changes today.

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Lauri Tabur

Lauri TaburPartner Consultant I Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner

In 2014, Lauri was elected the Best Leader of Estonia. Today, he works as a management consultant in Estonia and abroad and, in cooperation with us, supports leaders in making various changes.

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