Prosci Methodology Enhancements
Prosci is committed to continually searching for better ways to manage the people side of change. Part of Prosci's promise is ensuring that they provide the most up-to-date thinking, research and models within their programs. Each year they release updated content, program design, research and tool enhancements. This year's updates...
Using DiSC for the People Side Of Change Management
Organisations are constantly undergoing change. Whether organization is implementing new strategy and culture or responding to market trends like digitalisation, change is a necessary and vital part of long-term organisational success. Yet, all too often, people react to changes so differently. Have you ever wondered why? What are some of...
It takes more than building a beautiful ship
Changes ultimately come to life through the individuals who have to do their jobs differently as a result of a project or initiative. Whether the project involves a process impacting 15 people, a new technology impacting 150 or a transformation impacting 15,000, the success of the project is inextricably linked...
Fresh Teamwork Research: State of Teams
The way we team is more important now than ever before. Read the latest research report from Wiley to understand the challenges teams are facing today and how The Five Behaviors® could be the solution for building truly cohesive and effective teams. State of Teams is a great resource regarding the need...
Change Partners Co-Founds Europe-Wide Change Competency Builders Network
Change Partners joins forces with 7 other European Prosci partners to form the network of The Change Competency Builders. Why we think it will be beneficial to our clients? In Europe there are many companies that have sites in multiple countries, that could be serviced more consistently in applying change...
Equipping Organizations for Rapid Change
  Article by Michelle Haggerty - COO of Prosci Sometimes we change because we want to. Sometimes we change because we have to. Due to COVID-19, people and organizations around the globe are adapting to involuntary changes of all kinds. How we choose to use this time will determine how we...
Leading Remote Teams
How to harness the full capability of a scattered (and frazzled) team “Now more than ever we need leaders who can both calm the storm and ignite the brilliance of their teams.” Suddenly people everywhere are working from home in an attempt to contain COVID-19.  We find ourselves working in...
Recession Babies
Microsoft, Apple, Disney, IBM, Airbnb, Uber What do these entities have in common? They're iconic leaders of their industries. And they were all formed during recessions. We're almost certainly in a recession right now. The official scorekeepers won't call it that until we have two quarters of negative growth, but...
Change Management and Project Management: a Side-by-Side Comparison
The disciplines of change management and project management are both necessary when executing a project or initiative. Each discipline brings the critical structure needed for effectively implementing change and achieving the results you want. Yet, change management and project management must work together to achieve successful change. Doing so creates...
Resistance Checklist - Best Practices for Managing Resistance to Change
Prosci's Resistance Checklist draws from benchmarking research with over 900 participants and the feedback and input of hundreds of training participants. The checklist can be used as an audit tool to see if you are utilizing best practices in managing resistance. 1. Are you expecting and planning for resistance? When...
The Value of Change Management Certification
Is certification really necessary? Doesn’t experience alone qualify us? Let’s explore the question—because the bottom line is that there are some definite advantages to receiving change management certification. The value of certification First, we can turn to the data. Participants in the Best Practices in Change Management – 2018 Edition were...
10 Questions Employees Will Have About any Change
Managing and supporting front-line employees through change is essential for the success of your project. To that end, equipping your managers and supervisors with the right tools is equally important. Training plans and communication outlines can get you moving in the right direction, but being prepared for the most common questions...
ADKAR: Core to the People Side of Change
The Prosci ADKAR Model was developed by Jeff Hiatt in 1996 and first published in a white paper titled "The Perfect Change" in 1999. Following nearly a decade of research by Prosci on the model, the first book on ADKAR was released in 2006 titled ADKAR: A Model for Change...
Change Management in 10 Minutes
What is Change Management? Change management is the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome. Change management is: A process used by project teams to manage system, process and organizational changes A leadership competency for enabling...
Why Do You Need an Individual Change Model
When we think of change management, we typically envision the actions that we take - communicating, building sponsorship, managing resistance, etc. However, one of the keys to successfully managing change is the use of an individual change model. Understanding how an individual experiences change is critical for change management activities...
Before You Act, Consider These Keys to Prepare for Change
Do you know how to prepare for change? The Prosci methodology begins not with change management application but with taking the necessary steps to understand the change and the organization itself before you create your change management strategy. Below are the key activities you need to undertake at the start...
Checklist for Your Change Management Approach
How do you know if your change management approach is set up to succeed? Using the Prosci change management methodology as a foundation, they have created an easy-to-use Checklist for Your Change Management Approach you can use on your initiatives and changes. In this checklist, you will examine these elements...
The 5 Tenets of Change
Why do we need change management? The answer may seem obvious to those of us who are change management practitioners. Still, we can get caught up in the details of our current change initiatives and forget about the roots of our practice, or we may struggle in explaining the need...
First Ever Prosci® Change Management Certification Program in the Baltics!
The first ever Prosci certification program for Change Management in the Baltics took place on 1-3. February in Tallinn. 9 participants from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania successfully passed the intense but fun 3-day program and received the Prosci® Change Management certificate. The training was very interactive, in which participants, both...
Prosci® World Renowned Change Management Best Practice Now in Estonia!
Good news - starting from autumn 2017, we are the licensed partner of US company Prosci here in the Baltic States. Prosci has developed the most widely used change management methodology and tools in the world, as well as providing training and consulting solutions. They have been studying change management...

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You have an important change coming up?

Do a short audit to see how your change project meets the 5 success factors from the global survey.

This short Change Management Audit is based on 5 key success factors identified in the global Prosci Change Management Best Practice Study.

To find out how your planned or ongoing change project compares to global best practice, please rate it on a 5-point scale for the following factors:

1: strongly disagree; 2: disagree; 3: so and so; 4: I agree; 5: I fully agree.

1. The change project has a top management sponsor* who is actively involved, clearly communicates the vision and supports employees throughout the change.
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*By sponsor we mean the top manager, initiator, leader, who ensures the necessary priority, support and resources for the project.

2. A structured approach (eg ADKAR or Agile) is used to manage the change and a coherent plan is in place.
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3. A communication plan has been created for the change, the need for change and the benefits for employees have been clearly communicated, two-way and regular communication is in place.
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4. Sufficient resources are available to manage the change from planning to implementation (time, well-prepared people, money).
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5. The target groups affected by the change have been involved, trained and metrics have been created to achieve acceptance of the change.
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