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Prosci Methodology Enhancements

Prosci is committed to continually searching for better ways to manage the people side of change.

Part of Prosci’s promise is ensuring that they provide the most up-to-date thinking, research and models within their programs. Each year they release updated content, program design, research and tool enhancements. This year’s updates are some of the most robust Prosci has ever produced.

They listened to the Prosci Community and, using a Design Thinking approach, began collecting information to empathize and understand the needs and problems of change practitioners. They used the data to define their focus and concentrate efforts to address the most urgent, pervasive and high-value issues for practitioners.

The core of the Prosci Methodology is still the same, but the enhancements driven by your input have created a more effective, applicable, and actionable methodology. Download this guide first for an overview of what is changing and how it impacts your role, as you interact with the content. 

Use the resources below to review the core content of the Prosci Methodology

Read these articles to learn about key concepts of the Prosci Methodology. These articles do not compare the legacy and updated models and methodology, but they will provide a clear overview of the current thinking. Once you read through the overview guide, download our FAQ document for additional information.

Watch these webinars for an even more in-depth explanation of these key concepts.

If you’re ready to upgrade and want to refresh your Prosci change management knowledge and license, then our Prosci Refresher Program is exactly for you. Read more from here.


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