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It takes more than building a beautiful ship

Changes ultimately come to life through the individuals who have to do their jobs differently as a result of a project or initiative. Whether the project involves a process impacting 15 people, new technology impacting 150, or a transformation impacting 15,000, the success of the project is inextricably linked to the success of each of those individuals. Did they get on board, or did they stay on the shore? 

To help visually depict this, imagine two ships: one where the people’s side was managed effectively, and one where it was not. In both cases, a beautiful ship was constructed, and it now needs a full working crew. However, one ship was left isolated and empty while the other ship was full of life and people who “got on board.” Below are the types of things you might hear from a project leader in each situation. 

Think about the projects and initiatives you’ve supported - 
have they been more like the comments on the left or the comments on the right? 


It is your choice: Have you done what is needed to get people on board, or have you just built a beautiful ship?


*Adapted from an original blog post by Tim Creasey,


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