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Developing a Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline Model is focused on developing a structured framework for fostering leadership skills across various organizational levels. It assists organizations in identifying and nurturing potential leaders, ensuring that their growth is in line with the organization’s goals.

The model is particularly effective in creating a sustainable leadership culture, where leaders are prepared for the challenges of their specific roles and the future needs of the organization. Leadership Pipeline framework will help you:

The impact of working with the Leadership Pipeline principles will be significant. Not just for the leaders in question but for the entire organization.

LPI model distinguishes the skills, time allocations, and work values required at each leadership tier, allowing for a more targeted approach to developing leaders. The combination of those 3 elements increases the likelihood that learned skills will be put into practice because clear role-based expectations make it evident what needs to be done to achieve results together with the team.

For each leadership role the combination of work values, time application, and skills are different – to act by role expectations some old behaviors need to be skipped, some changed, and some new ones will be added. Based on the experience of the majority of organizations worldwide it is seldom an intuitive process, yet usually, no help or guidance is provided for leaders transitioning into new roles.

An Introduction to the Leadership Pipeline Model

Implementing Leadership Pipeline principles can vary in approach, and each organization has its unique optimal starting point. We collaborate with your organization on your preferred terms, initiating the process where it’s most crucial for you.

If you want more information on how to create an internal management support system and develop leaders, look here or book an appointment for a free consultation here.

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