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DiSC-based Negotiation Skills Training Program for Managers

Client Need

The goal was to develop the negotiation skills of client managers who play an important role in the success of the bank. It was important to increase their ability to understand and influence different people.

Our Solution

  • The training focused on three key aspects of the negotiation - relationship, styles and process.
  • Using the DiSC profile, each participant got to know their personal negotiation style and behavioral peculiarities, strengths and development needs. Through DiSC-based tools, participants learned to recognize the client's behavioral style and to choose the right negotiation strategy which adapts to customer preferences.
  • Participants learned how to prepare for the negotiations, start them in a correct way, listen to the position of the partner and ask questions, convincingly and self-assertively present their position, different techniques of influence, negotiate a common interest and seek initiative, deal with opposition and difficult situations, negotiate a decision.


  • Better negotiation skills.
  • Participants started using effective persuasion techniques based on the tendencies and behavioral patterns of the client.
  • Participants gained the ability and knowledge to rightly analyze ongoing negotiations and to plan for future negotiations in a meaningful way.


"I learned a lot from the training - how to better prepare client meetings and more systematically adapt to the negotiation partner. DiSC will definitely help to communicate more effectively with the other party in the negotiations."

"With the help of DiSC I learned to better understand myself and to better manage myself by understanding different types of clients."

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