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Supporting business restructuring in a leading worldwide shipping group

Client need

  • Business restructuring and transferring service processes between different locations for cost reduction, improved management of volume volatility and allowing centers to develop different competencies.
  • Minimal interruption of key business processes through well-planned re-skilling and fast adoption by 400 employees.

Our solution

  • Provided a shared framework and methodology for planning and managing the change
  • Facilitated a several month change accelerator process for project and management teams: a strategy day for defining the change challenge, Prosci Change Practitioner program and follow-up group coaching
  • Change workshops for apx 40 people managers to provide knowledge and ability to support their teams through change
  • ADKAR surveys to measure adoption of change among employees and adjust change strategy


  • Successfully implemented change project, faster and less disruptive change
  • Planned ROI of 5.1 million dollars


"When embarking on the restructuring project, we were looking for someone to support us - someone that understands international perceptions of change within different cultures and can lead us through. For someone that could help us build know-how and strategy to impact a high volume of people from different angles and keep us united through the transformation journey. Change Partners did exactly that and more."

"Without Change Partners and the concepts of Prosci, we could have faced attrition, potential loss of customer satisfaction and definitely delays in the project transferring to unsuccessful ROI."

"They helped us transform the mindsets of hundreds of employees in a very small time frame and keep us as a company on track and successful in reaching our goals. And most importantly - united in all levels of organization, speaking the same language of change."

- Ethel Genergard - Head of CMA CGM GBS Estonia

Change Partners OÜ

Woldemar Mayer building
Paldiski mnt 29, corpus B, 6th floor
Tallinn, Estonia 10612

Reg no: 10744322

DUNS: 514409445

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